History of Kanematsu

The rich history of Kanematsu USA, Inc. spans almost a century. In 1910, Gosho’s first office was established in Texas, then, Kanematsu established its New York office in 1936, beginning its legacy in the United States as a provider of high expertise and service in a myriad of industries. After each company had developed numerous successful businesses, two companies merged and became Kanematsu-Gosho USA, Inc in 1967. Built upon the success of its parent firm, Kanematsu Corporation, a major Japanese trading company dating back to 1889, Kanematsu USA’s accumulated wisdom and experience is shared with strategic partners across diverse product lines. Kanematsu USA’s tradition of success and growth strengthens existing partnerships and will forge new ones well into the twenty-first century.



1936 New York office established
1941 New York office becomes Kanematsu Trading Corporation
1951 New York office becomes Kanematsu USA, Inc.



1910 Gosho’s branch office established in Fortworth, Texas
1912 Crawford Gosho Co., Ltd. established in Austin, Texas
1916 Gosho Company established in Fortworth, Texas
1917 Gosho Company becomes Gosho, Inc.


Kanematsu-Gosho (Kanematsu)

1967 Kanematsu and Gosho join as Kanematsu-Gosho USA, Inc. (KGUSA)
1990 Kanematsu -Gosho (USA) Inc. becomes Kanematsu USA Inc.