Message From President

Greetings from the President of Kanematsu USA Inc.

Kanematsu USA Inc. was established in 1951 as Kanematsu New York Inc.
I would like to introduce our beliefs/operating principles as follows;

I.  We believe that we should achieve prosperity of our business through just and fair earnings in the pioneering spirit as fostered by our predecessors with the wisest use of our creative imagination and ingenuity.
II.  We believe that our Company should justify its existence by promoting a sound and flourishing business which fulfills its responsibilities toward the welfare of society and also contributes to the security and well being of us all.
III.  We believe that each one of us should attend to business not as an individual but as a member of the organization abiding by Company rules, carrying out duties with a sense of loyalty to the Company and a spirit of cooperation and understanding toward all other members of the organization.


Kanematsu USA Inc. does business in the fields of Electronics & Devices, Foods & Grain, Steel & Materials, Motor Vehicles & Aerospace. We are able to combine these fields and propose most efficient and valuable services to our clients, customers and partners all over the world.

We welcome you to Kanematsu with a hand shake and a smile.