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Electronics Component

Micro Lens Unit for mobile debice

Our group company of KANTATSU Co., Ltd develop high-performance micro lens products by applying the advanced optical design technology and sophisticated molding and injection process technology to meet market requirements of getting smaller in size, high mega pixel and low light etc.

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RFID Antenna

RFID Antenna for HF and VHF applications, Subway Ticket, Apparel Tag, Courier Tag etc.


MT Ferrule

The Hakusan Manufacturing Company has been producing high-precision molded products for over 50 years. Hakusan’s product portfolio includes many varieties of MT and mini-MT ferrules, as well as custom molded products. Hakusan uses thermoplastic whenever possible, resulting in high-volume low-cost products.


Glass-Glass Touch Panel

High Reliability, High Transmission, Low Reflection touch panel for Automotive, Aerospace and etc.

touch panel
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